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"But in in life you have to take lots of decisions and if you don't take decisions you would never do anything because you would spend all your time choosing between things you could do. So it's good to have a reason why you hate some things and you like others. And when you look at the sky you know you are looking at stars which are hundreds and thousands of light years away from you. And some of the stars don't even exist any more because their light has taken so long to get to us that they are already dead, or they have exploded and collapsed into red dwarfs. And that makes you seem very small, and if you have difficult things in your life it is nice to think that they are what is called negligible which means that they are so small you don't have to take them into account when you are calculating something."


What else is new, my friend, besides what I read

Can't find no work, can't find no job my friend

Money is tighter than it's ever been

Say man, I just don't understand

What's going on across this land

Ah what's happening brother

Oh yeah what's happening my man



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Er fra en fjelltur i høst. Øystein skal ut å ro; da er det best å ha på redningsvest (som kan holde en mann over vann vel å merke)

Postet av: kristin

NULL kommentarer?! what the...?!

21.06.2005 @ 20:08
Postet av: kine

oj, han me redningsvesten va st.ka hette han?

22.06.2005 @ 21:17
Postet av: kristin

syns du virkelig det? eg syns n an virka litt rar men...

26.06.2005 @ 22:54
Postet av: Tor

nei, han var veldig st... har du nr. hans?

28.06.2005 @ 11:49
Postet av: kristin

I've already given it to you, baby...

28.06.2005 @ 12:04
Postet av: kine

hei!!! s lenge siden!!!kan ikke eg f se deg snart?

28.06.2005 @ 22:20
Postet av: Tor

se hvem? meg? kristin? ystein? hvis meg; jo kanskje det :)

30.06.2005 @ 10:33
Postet av: kristin

se meg? hvorfor det? joda. er i byen et par dager, s jeg ringer deg sikkert s det, det... ja tor kan jeg ikke f se deg igjen snart og?

04.07.2005 @ 11:38
Postet av: tor

nei, n var det kine sin tur. du fr vente som alle andre :)

04.07.2005 @ 13:56
Postet av: morgage

Do you need morgage ?morgage

05.10.2006 @ 09:14
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